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NAME: Angel
LJ USERNAME: [ profile] angelcide
CONTACT (EMAIL, AIM, MSN, PLURK, ETC.):, Angelcide on plurk too
CURRENT CHARACTERS PLAYED AT PROMENADE: Kurosaki Ichigo ( [ profile] savior_n_black )


NAME: Soundwave
SERIES: Transformers; Prime
HISTORY: Here, though only the section for 'Prime' applies.
TIMELINE: Episode 24 "One Shall Rise; Part 1"
PERSONALITY: Soundwave doesn't speak. He will record the voice clips, or words of others, and re-use them himself on those rare occasions he chooses to communicate audibly with the other Decepticons. He tends to spend a lot of his time immersed in Earth's internet, and monitoring deep space transmissions at the same time for more effecience, and carrying out Megatron's orders. Because of this lack of communication, and the creepy feeling that he's always watching, most of the other Decepticons are creeped out by him, and being that just about all of them have secrets they prefer to keep hidden, none actually want him around as anything but possibly as a useful ally - that is to say, they only care about what they want.
Megatron is the only one that acknowledges Soundwave. He's the only one that will speak directly to him, rather than as a mirror, or silent sounding board. It makes a large difference, because Soundwave is loyal to a fault to his leader. It's said that it's Soundwave, and his 'vertable army' of mini-cons that were so instrumental to Megatron's rise to power. Likely, this is why Starscream wanted to keep him around, despite Soundwave's loyalty. But Starscream was certainly no Megatron in either strength, courage, or cleverness. He talked to Soundwave like Soundwave was only a drone, himself, thus making the slow build of resentment all the worse, later, when he was reporting all of Starscream's schemes to a resurrected Megatron. He seems to be blank, and automated, but is in fact an intelligent, and willful. He doesn't speak, but not from having a lack of something to say. He even has his own voice, but chooses to only reflect, and replay sound, and video clips by way of communication. It's far better to let everyone see what he sees, in his opinion. He even has opinions of his own, strong ones, but it's his choice not to share them. Mostly because no one ever asks.
He is creepy, silent, and has an 'eye' or an 'ear' on everything he can. He's subtle, though, and a master spy in that none can really seem to get an accurate read on him in return. Well, except for Megatron, but then again, that's why Soundwave started following him in the first place.
ABILITIES/POWERS: Soundwave is very, very good at surveillance. He spends his days monitoring sattellite transmissions, ground transmissions, and everything that's incoming, and outgoing from the Nemesis, not to mention chatter on the Nemesis itself ( mostly keeping tabs on Starscream ) for anything of interest. He can 'see, and hear' everything, and very much enjoys the challenge of someone trying to encrypt transmissions against him. He can hack remotely quite well, but with the use of his tentacles ( which are really just large cables ) he can hack directly into hardware; both human, and Cybertronian made. Like all Cybertronians, he can change himself into an alt form, which in his case is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a similar design to the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper. In addition to this, he also has his largest drone that attaches to his chest plate, but can be controlled remotely. It acts as an extension of his surveillance work, but it's also used to physically pick up Agent Fowler fly with him, and crash the hellicopter he was flying before it brings Agent Fowler back to Soundwave on the Nemesis. It's said that he has a 'veritable army' of mini-cons in his drone collection as well.

MASK DESIGN: Here. From the back, it's nothing but a mess of circuits, and ports that Soundwave can plug into, and still 'see' just fine through the eye lenses.
PLACE OF SOLACE: His personal quarters on the Nemesis. That is to say, it's more like a giant sarcophagus, lined with lots of places where he can plug in, and simultaneously monitor several systems, and the outside world at once. A 'nest' of circuitry, and drone parts all around. Some in the midst of being upgraded, most just receiving maintenance, but even if Soundwave would be unable to completely encase himself against the City, and it's magic, it's a place that would make him feel more in control.


FIRST PERSON: Dear_mun post


None of them mattered. Not really. Not when all was said, and done, and Megatron's strange humor was set aside; all of the others were only out for themselves. Sycophants, and hangers on, all of them. Was it any wonder he chose not to interact with them? Chose, instead, to keep away from the ships commons, the bridge, or any of the haunts of the other Decepticons? Oh, he kept a careful watch on all of them, of course, but for all that they liked to look down on drones, and Mini-cons, none of them ever seemed to notice the small extensions of Soundwave's eyes, and ears staring them right in the faceplates. No, they were too busy whispering, and scheming like a nest of vipers to check the frequencies, or see if a third party was listening through the surrounding terminal screens. Or a small cleaning drone was at it's business right next to their feet, recording everything they said to each other.


Soundwave even understood, to a degree, the perverse whim of Megatron's to allow Starscream as much filching, and incessant scheming as he did. That was humor; a misplaced desire of his lord's to keep himself sharp, on his toes so to speak. It was inefficient, yes, and seemed a terrible distraction to more pressing Functions, but Soundwave obeyed. He monitored, and reported dutifully all the petty sins of the self-proclaimed 'Commander' to Lod Megatron at the end of each full planetary cycle. Now, though, even Megatron's indomitable will seemed...different. As he stayed at his monitoring station, plugged into the ship's computer, remotely accessing the human 'internet', and monitoring radio signals from several of his satellite drones all at once, Soundwave found himself...troubled? Yes, that was it. Troubled. Troubled by the increasingly erratic behavior, the way even Starscream seemed to be a groveling weakling by comparison, yet still injecting a word, or two of sense now, and again. Now, even Starscream had chosen to go rogue, and none were more pleased than Soundwave, but even he was having doubts about their great, and noble lord.
Being troubled never sat well with Soundwave. It decreased energy output, slowed his efficiency at assigned tasks, made things difficult. But he wasn't a drone. He wasn't, and despite what all the other crew may believe, he did think for himself...

Increase remote drone detail to 'Megatron, Lord' work room, barracks, and bridge.
Keep communications open. Monitor responses for discrepancies. More data required

...Yes. He would wait. There must be rhythm to this chaos. There was always, always a purpose behind what Megatron did.
He would simply have to...have faith.


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