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player information.

name: Angel
are you over 18?: Yes.
personal lj: [ profile] angelcide
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: Angelcide on Plurk
characters in abax: Kurosaki Ichigo ( [ profile] savior_n_black )

in character information.

series: Transformers Prime
name: Soundwave
sex: He’s a giant robot, but referred to as “he”, so the tag should say “Other”
age: Unknown in canon. Headcanon to be roughly 3.5 million in human terms? However, Cybertronian life cycles are much longer than a human's, and they measure time differently. He's middle aged by his species' standards.
race: Cybertronian
height: 8 feet ( or game limit )
weight: 775 Ibs
canon point: End of Episode 26 ( Season 1 finale )

previous cr:
Network comm tag for Soundwave

Previous CR from [ profile] ilpromenade, characters already in Abax:
[ profile] notglitching Rinzler; If anything, the similarities between Soundwave, and Rinzler is what has made them loathe each other so violently.

Soundwave is a sentient, mechanical organism from an alien planet known as Cybertron. He is a part of the Decepticon faction’s army, and third in command currently, and is by far the most silent, and mysterious of the transformers. Soundwave’s history is largely left vague by the first season, except for a brief summary/exposition made by Ratchet to explain how Optimus came to be a Prime. We know from canon that Soundwave was a fellow gladiator in the arena back on Cybertron. He met Megatron ( then Megatronus ) after an unknown length of time fighting, and killing other mechs for the entertainment of the crowds. It’s not clear when, but we do know that one day, Megatron(us) faced Soundwave in the arena, and it’s Megatron himself who states that Soundwave may be the only mech he has ever fought who had a chance to beat him, furthermore it’s only through luck that the match was not to the death that saved Megatron(us) from being killed.
Megatron rose to infamy in the arena, and soon started to gather a following, thanks to his hard won skills as ( oddly enough ) an orator. His ideals on overturning the caste system on Cybertron fired many of the Sparks and minds of transformers, and with his most ardent, and loyal supporter, Soundwave, at his back, Megatron soon became something of a living legend. During this time Orion Pax, a clerk in the Iacon hall of records, heard of the gladiator-turned-revolutionary, and after corresponding with Megatron(us) for a time, became something of a student of his.
It’s unknown how much time passed between Megatron leaving the gladiatorial arena for the political one, but the next we hear of him, Megatron went before the Iacon council, the ruling body on Cybertron, and made an impassioned speech about the overturning of the unjust laws that held all mechs as being of no greater worth than what they were born with. Of course, Megatron also argued that the old guard should be overturned with brute force, and urged other mechs to rise up, and fight under him to achieve these goals. This, of course, is not what Orion Pax believed, and when he stepped up to speak before the council, he urged for a peaceful transition, but that all mechs should be given the chance to earn their places in society. The council was deeply moved by Orion’s words, and wanted to name him the next Prime over Megatron.
Bitter, and resentful of this, Megatronus officially shortened his name to Megatron, and gathered his revolutionaries into an army. Soundwave followed Megatron during this schism in the revolution’s factions, and became one of the first ( if not the first ) Decepticon. The Decepticon army swept across Cybertron, fighting against both the Autobot faction, and Iacon in their support of Megatron’s bid for power.
The planet was consumed by a vicious, and devastating civil war that lasted for generations, and finally coming to a head when Megatron poisoned the planet’s core ( we do not know exactly why this was done in TFP canon, but other Transformers canon offers theories )
Orion Pax, the leader of the Autobot faction travelled to the planet core, and encountered the Spark of Primus ( the progenitor of the entire Cybertronian race ) and when Primus looked inside the Spark of this lone warrior, he saw goodness, and decency. The ailing Primus bestowed on Orion the Matrix of Leadership, thus transforming him into Optimus Prime; the last of the Primes.
Another indeterminate amount of time passes between this, and the mass exodus from Cybertron, and when current canon picks up in the Transformers Prime series, the Decepticons are already on earth. Already working against the Autobots, and Soundwave is established as head of navigation, and chief of communications. Soundwave is not second in command, however, despite his unwavering loyalty. Starscream is second in command through much of Season 1, and shows himself to be a grasping, devious, ambitious “soldier” whom Soundwave is tasked with keeping up surveillance on. Throughout much of Season 1, Starscream is shown to defer to Soundwave, even seems to be afraid of him, but no explanation is really given on why.
It isn’t until long after Megatron has attempted to use dark energon ( said to be the crystallized blood of Unicron the Chaos Bringer ) to raise a zombie-mech army that we see more of Soundwave. He is almost a background character through several episodes, mentioned only by Starscream himself as a warning to “watch what you say, that blasted Soundwave could be listening.” Soundwave is also the main reason why, while Megatron was comatose, and on life support, Starscream could not simply pull the plug, ridding himself of Megatron for good. Soundwave, in his silent, imposing way, is insistent that Megatron is not only kept alive. Even after the Autobots break into the Nemesis ( the Decepticon’s warship ) and retrieve vital information from Megatron’s comatose mind, then shoot at the equipment sustaining him, thus negating any sign of processor activity, Soundwave is adamant that Megatron be kept on life support.
It turns out that keeping Starscream’s regicide plans in check were a full time job, and Soundwave takes his work very seriously throughout the majority of Season 1. This isn’t to say he doesn’t do his part to continue trying to further the Decepticon cause, though, just that SOundwave keeps an ‘eye’ and an ‘ear’ on all the Decepticons, and Starscream just happens to be the most open about his ambition. Several episodes on, the Autobot Scout, Bumblebee, has been displaying strange behavior after being the one to do a cortical psychic patch, and mind-meld with Megatron to get information. Turns out, Megatron’s conscious mind jumped ship when Bee’s did, and now Bumblebee is fighting his control. He even breaks into the Nemesis again under the control of Megatron, in order for Megatron to reupload his mind into his proper body.
Of course, once Megatron is up, and about again, Soundwave is all too quick to send along his amassed surveillance reports on the Decepticons, and soon Megatron confronts Starscream about his many failed schemes, betrayals, and general mismanagement. A fight ensues, and thanks to taking this quarrel into an abandoned mine, the cave-in traps both Decpticons, and Autobots for several hours. Yet, when everyone manages to dig themselves out, Starscream behaves chastened, and speaks to Soundwave directly ( who then publically broadcasts said contrition across the Nemesis ) about “knowing his place” and implies he will no longer attempt to betray Megatron.
It’s a dubious apology, and one that doesn’t really have much weight coming from Starscream, but between Megatron’s increasing volatility thanks to the Dark Energon in his Spark, and his obsession with an ancient prophecy about a planetary alignment, Soundwave has more important things to worry about. Namely the fact he Megatron seems to be coming unhinged.
Even after Starscream is captured by the Autobots, released, and goes rogue, Soundwave is more preoccupied with the newly appointed ‘second-in-command’, Airachnid. She’s just as devious as Starscream, but much more effective at her duties, and starts out far more subtle thanthe air commander ever was. Soundwave is still suspicious, though he follows Megatron’s orders on who is whom in the chain of command.
Megatron’s volatility is only increasing during this time, with his belief that he’s somehow invincible thanks to possessing the “power of Unicron”, and continuing to pursue more traces of Dark Energon, and Unicron himself. But, when Unicron does start to awaken thanks to the planetary alignment, Megatron’s proven just how terribly wrong he was. Even then, it’s not until Megatron is raving about being able to hear Unicron’s ‘heartbeat’ in his mind that Soundwave seems to become concerned.
Concerned spiked to worry, and focus when Megatron goes missing, too. Planet Earth is dealing with radical shifts in weather, earthquakes, wild fires, and a whole host of apocalyptic disasters thanks to Unicron’s awakening, but Soundwave is intently focused on locating Megatron throughout. In fact, it isn’t until Airachnid gathers the Decepticon army together, and publically states that Earth is now a failed experiment, and it’s in the Decepticon’s best interests to abandon Megatron, and flee the planet that Soundwave seems to detach from his work at all.
Of course that also means that Airachnid is faced with a very blatant challenge to her command, and when she reacts with violence, the reasons for Starscream’s wariness around Soundwave are made plain. He was a gladiator, then a general in a revolutionary army for most of his life cycle, and there is no Decepticon, not even Megatron himself, that doesn’t have a healthy respect ( or fear ) of Soundwave’s anger.
After delivering a proper beatdown on Airachnid, though, Soundwave turns on his heel, and goes straight back to work. He’s never displayed any ambition to be second-in-command himself, but rather seems to prefer to work in peace, unbothered by the concerns of the other ‘Cons.

Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, with Optimus Prime, Megatron, and three other Autobots uniting to take down Unicron together. After surrendering the Matrix of Leadership in order to extinguish Unicron’s Spark, Optimus seems to have reverted all the way back to who he was before he ever received the Matrix; Orion Pax. He seems to have no memory of the Autobots, no memory of the war, and even calls Megatron by his old name Megatronus. The last we see of either Megatron, or Soundwave, is when Megatron is stepping back onto the command deck of the Nemesis, and the assembled Decepticons kneel to him, then all look up to see Optimus ( Orion ) being welcomed into their ranks as “a long lost comrade”.

Soundwave's wiki page

Soundwave doesn't speak. He will record the voice clips, or words of others, and re-use them himself on those rare occasions he chooses to communicate audibly with the other Decepticons. He tends to spend a lot of his time immersed in Earth's internet, and monitoring deep space transmissions at the same time for more efficiency, and carrying out Megatron's orders. Because of this lack of communication, and the creepy feeling that he's always watching, most of the other Decepticons are creeped out by him, and being that just about all of them have secrets they prefer to keep hidden, none actually want him around as anything but possibly as a useful ally - that is to say, they only care about their own personal gain.
Megatron is the only one that acknowledges Soundwave. He's the only one that will speak directly to him, rather than as a mirror, or silent sounding board. It makes a large difference, because Soundwave is loyal to a fault to his leader. It's said that it's Soundwave, and his 'veritable army' of mini-cons that were so instrumental to Megatron's rise to power. Likely, this is why Starscream wanted to keep him around, despite Soundwave's loyalty. But Starscream was certainly no Megatron in either strength, courage, or cleverness. He talked to Soundwave like Soundwave was only a drone, himself, thus making the slow build of resentment all the worse, later, when he was reporting all of Starscream's schemes to a resurrected Megatron. He seems to be blank, and automated, but is in fact intelligent, and willful. He doesn't speak, but not from having a lack of something to say. He even has his own voice, but chooses to only reflect, and replay sound, and video clips by way of communication. It's far better to let everyone see what he sees, in his opinion. He even has opinions of his own, strong ones, but it's his choice not to share them. Mostly because no one ever asks.
He is creepy, silent, and has an 'eye' or an 'ear' on everything he can. He's subtle, though, and a master spy in that none can really seem to get an accurate read on him in return. Well, except for Megatron, but then again, that's why Soundwave started following him in the first place.

Soundwave first joined Megatronus back in the gladiator pits on Cybertron because he saw in Megatronus a return to Cybertron’s golden age. Chivalry, honor, and being able to keep the place that one has fought, or worked for in Cybertronian society, rather than being ‘born’ into a caste system with no real hope of ever rising above that social status. ( Exodus comic book series )

Even after the rebellion turned to vicious civil war, Soundwave believed in Megatron. He believes that his lord has a purpose, and is fighting for his vision of a just world for all of his Decepticons. It might seem paradoxical to an outside perspective, but Megatron and Soundwave were both pragmatic enough to know that war is ugly. The war, itself, was never the end goal, and to Soundwave? It is the tyranny of Iacon, then the Autobot loyalists who continued the war, and led Megatron to escalating how destructive his plans were until the Autobots forfeited the planet itself rather than let the Decepticons reshape it into a new world.
Now that belief borders on religious fervor, thanks to Megatron’s insistence that prophecy foretells his victory over the Autobots. Not only that, but Earth will be conquered, and turned into a new Cybertron, with the inferior species of ‘humanity’ working for their Decepticon masters rather than working at destroying each other, and their own planet.
There may even be some small part of Soundwave that knows it takes two sides to make a war.

*He knows that, to some extent, his species will eventually have to face the very real threat of extinction, and that Megatron had a hand in that. But after losing everything from home, to values, to the decay of ideals into beliefs…well, sometimes one has to hold onto the only stable elements left in one’s life. For Soundwave that is Megatron, his loyalty, and the extensive work he does to keep the Decepticon army functional. ( *Inferred from Marvel comics continuity )

By and large he sees even the other officers as expendable. Soundwave gave up his place as Second in Command all too readily because he wasn’t interested in being bothered with ever minor problem that brought with it because it was distracting him from, what he feels, is his more important work; data gathering, navigation, and of course? Spying.
Being busy, or having a large contingent of the Decepticons coming to him for everything would put a real damper on his carefully cultivated “unapproachable silence”. Instead, he works quietly, behind the scenes, to keep Megatron safe even from his own soldiers. But Soundwave’s tolerance for rebellious talk has it’s limits, as shown in Episode 26 when Commander Airachnid publicly announced that she was declaring an Exodus from earth, and that the Decepticons would thus abandon Megatron. Soundwave turned away from his work, and proceeded to soundly remind the entire assembled Decepticons why HE had been around since the beginning, and was still Megatron’s confidant by delivering a very epic beatdown. But? Once Airachnid yielded, Soundwave simply turned around, and went right back to what he was doing with, seemingly, not a single worry about leaving Airachnid in command.
Knock Out, and Starscream are even more examples of ambition getting the better of many of the officers. But, honestly, Knock Out has always been something of an unknown. The medic has often gone his own way, but he has a talent for survival, and a talent for repair, so he’s still useful. When Knock Out outlives his usefulness, that ignoring of his behavior may change. Starscream has since gone rogue from the Decepticon army, answering to no one. Soundwave would say ‘good riddance’ if he spoke, because keeping the Air Commander’s ambitious schemes in check was getting to be a real distraction with how often Soundwave ended up being Starscram’s babysitter. He followed commands readily enough, but resentment kept festering, and growing, until Megatron did finally return, and reclaim his rightful place. Breakdown is not even considered to be anything but Knock Out's brute force, and little better than a drone.

Soundwave chooses not to speak for more than one reason. Mostly it has to do with the fact he hasn’t deigned to share his thoughts with any other Decepticon, and doesn’t feel that it’s right to burden Megatron with his opinions most of the time.

*Even vocally, he speaks like a computer would. It’s been said he lacks imagination, but that’s a debatable point.( *Inferred from G1 continuum ) Soundwave is just ruthless, and more concerned with efficiency, and pragmatism. He’s been known to make the odd, dry, sarcastic comment,( as seen in the Titan Magazine’s Transformers Prime comic “War Stories” ) but those are fewer and further between in recent decades. He also has moderate scarring to his vocal processor, and thus it isn’t comfortable to keep up ‘small talk’, especially if Soundwave doesn’t have a very good reason to do it.
He much prefers using text, and simply replaying sound clips over speaking, and thus doesn’t.

Soundwave is very, very good at surveillance. He spends his days monitoring satellite transmissions, ground transmissions, and everything that's incoming, and outgoing from the Nemesis. Not to mention chatter on the Nemesis itself ( mostly keeping tabs on Starscream ) for anything of interest. He can 'see, and hear' everything, and very much enjoys the challenge of someone trying to encrypt transmissions against him. He can hack remotely quite well, but with the use of his tentacles ( which are really just large cables housing the actual wiring appendages that can attach to electronics ) he can hack directly into hardware; both human, and Cybertronian made. Like all Cybertronians, he can change himself into an alt form, which in his case is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a similar design to the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper.
Please Note: I did ask about what the size difference between canon, and Abax would mean for Soundwave's alt form, but because apps are closing, I wanted to get mine in before the question could be answered. Any adjustments to size difference can be later determined by the mods. Thanks!

In addition to this, his largest drone that attaches to his chest plate, but can be controlled remotely. It acts as an extension of his surveillance work, but it's also used to physically pick up Agent Fowler fly with him, and crash the hellicopter he was flying before it brings Agent Fowler back to Soundwave on the Nemesis. It's said that he has a 'veritable army' of mini-cons in his drone collection as well.

Soundwave is always on the look out for new possibilities to add to his "drone collection", or rather, new things/beings that could be reprogrammed into being effective drones for him. This will be handled, in Abax on a case, by case basis with the other mun's approval only.

Also, Soundwave will be arriving in game without Laserbeak ( his main, flight-capable drone, and the on we see most on screen ) as well as his army of mini-cons. His drone(s) may come in later as requested item drops at mod discretion.

first person sample: Here

third person sample: Here

case no: RNG please!


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